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Do you wish you had a reporting tool for Rochade Metadata?  I bet you didn't know that you probably already have the reporting tool on your desk top - Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports just to name a few.  Or would you like to use your Business Intelligence tool to create those fabulous charts and graphs?  What you need is a tool to transfer your Rochade Metadata into your reporting tool. What you need is MQODBC - the original SQL interface for Rochade!!

The MetaQuest™ ODBC (MQODBC) product, which is a member of the MetaQuest™ family of products, is used to query information in the repository using SQL via an ODBC or JDBC driver.

Take a few minutes and get to know more about MQODBC and its new 2.0.0 features.

Interested in a demo or a trial or have more questions?  Please Contact us.