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Applying MetaQuest™ to Extend, Integrate or Create IT Systems and Applications

MetaQuest accelerates deployment because it gives business analysts new awareness of Information Assets (business objects, data, calculations, formulas, etc…).

Return on investment for Information Assets is maximized by MetaQuest’s ability to show the way to

  • Re-Use
  • Extension
  • Integration

Moreover, new business systems and business objects are not the only beneficiaries of MetaQuest’s power. Legacy systems are easily researched, cross-referenced and re-discovered providing the ability to document these systems quickly, thoroughly, and clearly.


Applying MetaQuest™ to Departmental Integration

MetaQuest is able to find functional overlaps, find gaps in the business model and translate these into areas of new opportunities both from a cost cutting viewpoint and new investment strategies.

A building block for department integration is clear, consistent and normalized communication. MetaQuest finds areas for improving this communication by identifying areas where Information Assets can be reconciled and resolved.

Improving communications, identifying functional overlap, finding areas of new opportunity, Metaquest can help tighten any ship.


Applying MetaQuest™ to Merging Companies

A method for convergence accelerates time to market:

  • Mapping resources
  • Identifying best-of-expertise
  • Reconciling similarities
  • Confirming issues and opportunities



MetaQuest™ Adapts...

Accelerating deployment:
  • Identify where manual functions are
  • Complemented by technology
  • Effectively audit integration viability



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