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Welcome to the Future; New Urban Legend

Looking back at technical generations past, some may remember and some many be too young to have experienced the many antiquated tools such as card readers, tape punching, card decks, etc. in just what does not seem that long ago.

As things evolved we became accustomed to things getting easier, faster and cheaper in the technology world. Moore’s law is alive and well; every 18 months - double the speed and power while halving the price.

…Y2K was the manifestation of this sliding backwards feeling. Spend a lot of technology dollars and get hardly anything in return….

The primary constraint was no longer memory usage, storage or hardware. With each new generation of technology one would often hear or say, wait until a year from now, or two years or what will it be like out in the future, say 10 years.





MetaQuest Technologies provides a Solution to research, locate and manage information assets.  Business users can relate business terms, information, content, key performance indicators to operational systems, business intelligence applications and beyond...






Technical users can discover information across differing technologies and business systems to efficiently determine accurate impact of change...

NetVista desktops


Cross reference relationships between technical aspects and business components provides collaboration between IS and business...


We've delivered Solutions to a number of companies in different industries such as HealthCare, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing and Transportation.









Technology development was on a serious roll with tech companies leaping ahead of each other until things changed for them. Changes that altered their customer spending methods. Now it is status quo for technology advancement. Welcome to the Future.

What happened to the customers along this trail of technology leaps? Mature companies had systems that dated themselves back to non-relational data bases or even non data base data structures. Many had plans to throw away those once their new, up to date systems were completely in place.


Middle age companies had their legacy systems on relational technology but had main frame, mid range and local area network data stores running their business.

New companies have their businesses running on mid range systems with the all too difficult to support feel.

Y2K was the manifestation of this sliding backwards feeling. Spend a lot of technology dollars and get hardly anything in return.

Now, companies of all ages and all sizes are cutting back on information development funding and instead, telling their resources to make the mature, mid life and young systems live longer and talk to each other.


Welcome to the Future.

How do we extend the lives of these systems? How do we integrate them? Support them? Manage them? Change them? How do we make this work?


With MetaQuest Technologies.

You will be able to extend the life of a mature system, integrate any systems with any systems and/or business processes, know what will be impacted by a change, know what is used and what is not used and be able to react to your business needs in an acceptable time to market way.




Make the Future Work with MetaQuest Technologies.


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MetaQuest Technologies provides you, the customer, with your information system assets managed, accessible and available to be related to your non-data assets.